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Upper West Side CSA
at Rutgers Church

Sign-ups for the UWS/Rutgers Church CSA are closed for 2023. Stay tuned for info about the 2024 season!


Join us on the Upper West Side at our Manhattan CSA location! All are welcome. CSA members receive our farm’s freshest Certified Organic vegetables weekly from late May through November. You can join for the full season, or for a partial season (Summer or Autumn). Eggs and fruit are available, too!

Have questions that aren't answered here? Check our FAQ page!

What's in a vegetable share?

At each pickup, you will receive about 5 types of certified organic vegetables grown right here at Hearty Roots Farm. Members will get an email the day before pick up to let them know what will be in that week’s share. 


Each week we harvest a balance of our organic salad greens, root vegetables, cooking greens, herbs, and other seasonal produce (like tomatoes or peppers in the summer, and winter squash in the fall). You can see a full list of what we’re growing this year here


The shares at this CSA site are designed for small households, with fewer vegetables (and a lower price) than many CSA shares. If you cook a lot, or have a larger household, we suggest that you purchase two shares.


What are in the add-on egg and fruit shares?

The egg shares come from our own Hearty Roots pasture-raised hens! If you add an egg share to your order, you can choose to get a dozen or a half-dozen eggs each week. Our hens live out on the pasture, foraging in the grass, which gives their eggs amazing, nutrient-rich orange yolks. Read more about our eggs here


Fruit shares include one fruit item per pick-up (for example, a basket of blueberries, or 6 apples, or 5 large peaches, etc.). We source the fruit from a handful of orchards and fruit growers in the Hudson Valley. 


Fruit availability varies from season to season. In summer you can expect peaches, blueberries, pears, nectarines, raspberries, cherries, and plums. In the fall, the share includes many varieties of apples, pears, cider, and more!


While we source organic fruit when we can, there are very few certified organic fruit options in the Hudson Valley. Most of the fruit is grown conventionally, by farmers we know and trust.

eggs new carton.PNG


The CSA distribution takes place on Wednesdays from 3:30pm–8:30pm, in the lobby of Rutgers Church (236 West 73rd Street, between Broadway and West End).


Shares are pre-packaged in reusable tote bags. Please return your empty tote bag at the following week’s pick-up so we can clean and re-use them for your next share! Eggs and fruit shares will be set out separately.




The 2023 full harvest season runs from May 31st to November 29th. ​Members can choose to sign up for a Full Season share, or for just the Summer or Autumn Season.


There are three holiday weeks this season when no shares will be delivered: the Wednesdays before the July 4th, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving holidays (June 28th, August 30th, and November 22nd).

In addition to these three pre-arranged holiday weeks, members may choose up to 2 additional "vacation" weeks each season (for a total of 4 vacation weeks for Full Season members), to make sure the CSA schedule fits your personal schedule! When you claim a vacation week, your pick-up for that week is cancelled and you receive an account credit for the value of your skipped share (veggies, eggs, and/or fruit), which can be put toward your next CSA installment payment or CSA purchase. (Vacation week claims must be submitted at least 3 days before your scheduled pick-up.)   


If you miss a pickup or choose to skip a week without notice, the share will be donated to someone in need through Rutgers Church. No food is wasted!

The 2023 dates for each season are as follows:

  • Full Season Share (24 pick-ups) 

    • May 31st through November 29th

    • No pick-ups June 28th, August 30th, or November 22nd 

  • Summer Season Share (12 pick-ups)

    • May 31st through August 23rd

    • No pick-up on June 28th

  • Autumn Season Share (12 pick-ups)

    • September 6th through November 29th

    • No pick-up on November 22nd 

Click on the calendar graphic to see a larger version. 

A downloadable .ics file of your schedule, which you can import into your calendar of choice, will be provided in your welcome material.

UWS 2023 CSA Calendar


Members of the 2023 Rutgers Church CSA with Hearty Roots Farm are required to volunteer to help with Wednesday pick-ups for one shift each season that you are receiving shares. Volunteer shifts take place on Wednesdays during regular pick-up hours, in the lobby of the church at 236 West 73rd St. Everything will be arranged when you arrive; there is no set-up or clean-up involved. Volunteers make sure names are crossed off the check-in list correctly and help keep pick-ups running smoothly. It’s easy, and fun to meet other CSA members! If you have children, they are welcome to accompany you.

Please sign up here for one 75-minute session during each season that you are receiving shares. Full season members should choose one slot in each season (Summer and Autumn). The dates for the summer season are May 31st–August 23rd. The dates for the fall season are September 6th–November 29th. Please enter your name in a slot from those available, then keep a record of the date(s) and time(s) you’ve selected. In the event you are not able to keep your scheduled slot, please arrange for a family member or friend to volunteer as we are not able to arrange substitutes.

Upper West Side at Rutgers Church CSA 2023 Prices
Full Season Vegetable Share | 24 weeks |
$22.50/pick-up ($540/season)
Partial Season (Summer or Autumn) Vegetable Share | 12 weeks | $24/pick-up ($288/season)
Egg Share | $7.50/dozen or $4.25/half-dozen 
(For Full Season Shares: $180/season for a dozen eggs, $102/season for half-dozen)
(For Partial Season Shares: $90/season for a dozen eggs, $51/season for half-dozen)
Fruit Share | $7/pick-up 
($168/season for Full Season Shares, $84/season for Partial Season Shares)
Annual Membership Fee (Required) | $10 
(See below for more information.)

Membership Fee 


An annual membership fee of $10 is required for all members of this CSA. This money helps keep your local CSA running! These funds are used by the Rutgers Church CSA core organizers for various materials and expenses that arise over the course of the season.

This membership fee is required in order to join this CSA. When you sign up for your share, the membership fee will be in the shop beneath the “Add-on Shares” section. Please make sure you add the Rutgers Church membership fee to your cart before you check out. If you do not pay for the membership fee when you place your order, your card on file will be charged for the amount of the membership fee prior to the start of the season. Please reach out to if you have any questions.

Payment Options

Pay in Full

We appreciate your full payment to help the farm cover all the costs of growing the vegetables at the beginning of the season! 


Pay in Monthly Installments

A non-refundable deposit is due on sign-up. The remaining monthly payments will be processed on the first of each month during the season.

  • Vegetable Shares

    • Full Season: $92 deposit (+ $10 membership fee)

    • Partial Season: $48 deposit (+ $10 membership fee)

  • Egg Shares (Dozen)

    • Full Season: $36.50 deposit

    • Partial Season: $18 deposit 

  • Egg Shares (Half-dozen)

    • Full Season: $18 deposit

    • Partial Season: $9 deposit 

  • Fruit Shares

    • Full Season: $30 deposit

    • Partial Season: $18 deposit

Your monthly payments will depend on when you sign up and when you start picking up your shares. Email us at if you would like a detailed payment schedule, or if you have any questions. 

Cancellation Policy

If you paid in full, you can cancel your share at any time with a week's notice. You can choose to have a credit issued for a future CSA or Farm Market purchase; or receive a refund for the value of the shares remaining in the season less processing fees.  


If you pay with installments, you can cancel your payment plan at any time. The installment payments already made are non-refundable, and your cancellation will take effect at the beginning of the next month.



Ready to join? Here's how you sign up!

Sign up for your share in our GrownBy shop! We love GrownBy for two reasons: it allows you to manage your own account, check on your pick-up schedule, and gives you the option to change pick-up locations and dates. Also, the software is designed by a farmer-owned cooperative that was founded by Hearty Roots’ own Lindsey Lusher Shute! It works great as an app from the Apple or Android app stores, or can be used in a web browser.

If you purchased a share from us last year, you should already have an account set up. If you are a new member (welcome!), you will need to create an account as part of your purchase. Once you are logged in, you will be able to make all of your selections before checkout. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us at

Do you want to give a CSA share as a gift? Please email us at if you would like to give a share as a gift. We will help you set up your order, and we'll send you a gift certificate that you can give to your loved one (or a digital version that you can email them or print out at home). After the gift has been given, we will work with you to set up your gift recipient's member account and welcome them to our CSA. 

Thank you for supporting our farm! 




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