Upper West Side at Rutgers Church

What's in a vegetable share?

Each week we harvest about five items for you, delivered in a re-usable tote bag. We aim for a mix of certified organic salad greens, root vegetables, seasonal vegetables (like tomatoes or peppers in the summer and winter squash in the fall), cooking greens, and herbs. A Weekly Share is designed for a small household.

Check out what we're growing this year.

What's in an add-on fruit share?

If you add on a fruit share, there will be one additional fruit item per week. We source the fruit share from a handful of orchards and fruit growers in the Hudson Valley.


Fruit availability varies from season to season.  In summer you can expect Peaches, Blueberries, Pears, Nectarines, Raspberries, Cherries, and Plums.  In the fall, the share includes many varieties of Apples, Pears, Cider, and more!


A typical share would be a basket of blueberries, or 6 apples, or 5 large peaches, or a basket of baby pears, etc.

Who grows it?

Vegetable share:  We grow the certified organic vegetables right here at Hearty Roots Farm.

Fruit:  We source the fruit share from a handful of orchards and fruit growers in the Hudson Valley, including Mead Orchard and Montgomery Place Orchard.

Eggs:  The eggs are from the hens we raise here at Hearty Roots Farm.  They live outdoors on pasture, foraging in the grass, which gives their eggs amazing, nutrient-rich orange yolks.

Share Size

The shares at this CSA site are designed for small households, with less vegetables (and a lower price) than many CSA shares. If you cook a lot, or have a larger household, we suggest that you reserve two shares.

Tote bags

The vegetables are packed in re-useable cloth bags. Please be sure to return your empty bag from the previous week when you pick up your next share.


You pick up your share every Wednesday afternoon/evening (3:30 – 8:30pm) at Rutgers Church at 236 West 73rd Street, between Broadway and West End.

Main Season share:  The Main season runs from mid June through October 23rd (20 weeks)

Fall Season Share:   A fall season share is available that matches up with the Fall semester of school.  It runs from Wednesday September 11 through Wednesday December 18th, skipping the week of Thanksgiving. 

Fall Season Extension:  Members who are part of the Main Season Share will have the opportunity to extend their share through December (details coming soon).


Those who purchase a share are asked to volunteer for one 75 minute period on a Wednesday pick-up day during the season at Rutgers Church.  Your purchase of a share will not be considered complete and confirmed until you sign-up for a slot.

Upper West Side at Rutgers Church CSA 2019 Prices
Weekly share |  $17.50/week
Fruit add-on | $5/week
Eggs | $6.50 for doz/week | $3.25 for half doz/week
All shares also include a $10 membership fee to cover costs for re-usable bags, etc. 

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