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We go to great lengths to produce the highest quality eggs, with deep orange yolks that are packed with nutrients. It is almost impossible to find pasture-raised eggs in a supermarket, and we are proud to be providing you with exceptional eggs and our chickens with happy lives.

Our hens are raised outdoors, running around on our pastures. There they can peck at seeds in the ground and munch on grasses and clover, along with the mix of grains that we provide. They sleep and lay their eggs in the mobile hen houses that we move every week or two, ensuring that they can access fresh ground.

In the winter, the hens are sheltered in a big greenhouse, to provide them with an area to roam that is out of the wind and snow; but they still have access to the outdoors all day. When there is deep snow on the ground, the egg yolks get a bit yellower as the hens are eating less green grass outdoors; our chickens eat with the seasons, just like our CSA members.


Where to purchase

Our eggs are available through our CSAs, at our Farm Market at the farm, at Montgomery Place Orchard, and at Village Coffee in Kingston, NY.

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