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The Hearty Roots Team


Ben Shute

Ben is the main Farm Manager and co-owner of Hearty Roots Community Farm, leading the development of all aspects of the farm business. He is a first-generation farmer, having learned the craft at other CSA farms including Sauvie Island Organics in Oregon, and Holcomb Farm in Connecticut, but mostly by learning from mistakes and successes here on our land.


Lindsey Lusher Shute

Lindsey Lusher Shute is currently the CEO of Farm Generations Cooperative and is a co-owner of Hearty Roots Community Farm. Prior to Farm Generations, Lindsey co-founded the National Young Farmers Coalition with Ben and then led the organization as executive director for 10 years. 


​Nico has worked with us for 9 years! He is our Harvest Leader, he helps train new farm crew members, and generally helps out wherever he's needed. He loves weeding, and you can often see him at our Saturday CSA pickups on the farm.

Favorite vegetables to grow: Onions and melons (you get to toss them around to one another while harvesting them!). 

Favorite vegetables to eat: Kale, carrots, arugula, and radishes right out of the field.


Cora manages our propagation house. From seeding to germination chamber to greenhouse to field, she makes sure that the littlest ones on the farm reach their full potential. Cora has a long history here. Not only has she worked with us on and off for 9 years, but also her uncle was a field supervisor for Hettling Farm, which used to operate just across the street. Cora's childhood clubhouse was on what is now Hearty Roots land! 

Favorite vegetables to grow: Onions and tomatoes (they're delicate, it takes skill!). Favorite vegetables to eat: Cucumbers and corn.


Paul is a key part of our NYC and Brooklyn CSA operations — he's the person who drives all of our shares down to the city each week! If you've ever done a volunteer shift at one of our Brooklyn sites, you probably already know him well. 


Gilberto is our chicken champion! He takes great care of them and keeps them happy and healthy. He also washes, inspects, and packs our eggs. He also helps out with some of the other livestock and helps out in the fields. He's been with the farm for 7 years. 

​Favorite vegetables to grow: Beets and carrots. Favorite vegetables to eat: Lettuce and salad greens.


Daniel is best known by our members as the friendly face managing our Kingston CSA pick-up! He also works on tractor operations, moving the chickens, and he grows our Hearty Roots mushrooms. He's worked with us for 7 years.

Favorite vegetables to grow: Cabbage, root vegetables (they're treasures under the ground!), broccoli and cauliflower. Favorite vegetables to eat: Anything fermented! Daniel makes his own kimchi, fermented daikon and cucumber. Also, nothing beats the first tomatoes of the season!


This is Sylvia's 2nd year with us on the farm. She manages the Wash/Pack, which means she's in charge of washing everything that comes in from the fields and packing it appropriately to be sent out to wherever it's going. She has experience in orcharding and farming on a smaller scale, and is looking forward to applying her skills here!

Favorite vegetable to grow: potatoes. Favorite vegetable to wash: cucumbers (especially the spiny ones). Favorite vegetables to eat: corn and cucumbers in the summer, or a nice winter squash.



Varick (Ben's sister) joined the family business in 2022 to help Ben spend less time at his computer and more time in the fields growing your delicious, nutritious food. She manages our CSA memberships, locations, and communications, and helps us pursue grants and community health opportunities. When you email us at, you'll be talking to her! 


Kim manages our Farm Market and is the Director of our brand new Hearty Roots Farm Summer Camp! She has worked for us for more than 4 years, after years of experience working with places like Edible Schoolyard NYC, the Afterschool Department at Avenues: The World School, and Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm.



Lynn is one of the managers of our Farm Market. Full bio coming soon.


Franklin is starting his third season with us on the farm. He is on the vegetable crew, and he specializes in taking care of the crops in our high tunnels, like our tomatoes in the summer and our greenhouse greens in the winter.

Favorite vegetable to grow: sweet corn and tomatoes. Favorite farm produce to eat: yellow watermelon!



You might recognize Noah if you're a regular at our Farm Market! In addition to their time in the store, they help out in wash/pack, with the eggs, and wherever else is needed. 

Favorite vegetables to grow: Carrots and garlic (Noah has a special method!). Favorite vegetable to eat: Carrots (raw, as a snack).



Livestock Manager

Bio coming soon.



Field Crew

Bio coming soon



Field Crew

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Field Crew

Bio coming soon.



Field Crew


Bio coming soon



Field Crew


Bio coming soon



Farm Market Staff

Bio coming soon



Farm Market Staff


Bio coming soon



Farm Market Staff


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