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Right from the farm

Most of our produce is grown right here at Hearty Roots Community Farm.

At Hearty Roots Market, we offer just-picked produce from our farm (immediately behind the store). You'll find USDA certified organic vegetables, flowers, pastured eggs, and more. All year round!

Regional bounty

We are proud to offer products from neighboring Hudson Valley farms and producers.

We pair our farm-grown products with items from other local farmers — including dairy, cheese, fruit, fiber products, pasta, jam, honey, and much more. 


We are open all year round, hours vary accourding to the season.

Mondays–Fridays 10am–6pm
Sundays 10am–4pm

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Hearty Roots Market

The Hearty Roots Market is your source for locally grown produce, milk, cheese, bread, flowers, pasta and more.  

The Hearty Roots Farm Market is now open 7 days a week!
Monday-Saturday 10am–6pm
Sundays 10am–4pm 
Yes, we are open year-round with our own vegetables and many other regional farm products!

Seedling Sale


In addition to a wide array of food, we offer seedlings for sale each spring. Click here for details on our Seedling Sale.

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