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Winter CSA
in Brooklyn

Winter CSA sign-ups are closed for the 2023-24 season.

But you can join our 2024 Main Season CSA, starting in June, here


  • The winter vegetable share includes a wide variety of certified organic produce including fresh greens from the greenhouses, roots, winter squash, and more!

  • Eggs, Apples, Cheese, Bread, and Yogurt Shares are available as optional add-on items (depending on location).

  • Available for pick-up in Bay Ridge, East Williamsburg, and Greenwood Heights.

  • Winter Share pick-ups take place on 8 Saturdays between December and April (biweekly, with changes around the holidays)


What's in a Winter Share?

A winter share is a wide variety of storage vegetables as well as fresh greens from our greenhouses. Some items are best used within the week after pickup, and other items will store well. 

Each delivery will include 8-9 varieties of produce. The total quantity per pick-up is larger than our regular season share, though smaller than our big Thanksgiving share. Over the course of the season, the share contents will vary, and you may see more storage crops in mid-winter, and then start seeing more greens as we get closer to spring. Items you will likely see in your shares include:

Best used fresh: 

Spinach, Cooking Greens (kale, collards, asian greens), Salad Greens (lettuce mix, arugula, pea shoots)

Stores well in the fridge: Carrots, Beets, Turnips, Green, Red and Napa Cabbage, Winter Radishes

Stores well at room temperature: Winter Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Potatoes, Garlic


Most of the items in the share will be from our own fields and greenhouses here at Hearty Roots. A few items may be sourced from nearby certified organic or certified naturally grown farms run by friends we know and trust.

To see some example shares from the 2022-23 season, check out our Winter CSA stories highlights on Instagram!  


Optional Add-on Shares

Pasture-raised Eggs Share
Available at all Brooklyn locations

An optional add-on of one dozen eggs per pick-up. These eggs are from our own pasture-raised hens. In the summer they are out on the pasture in mobile hen houses, moved weekly to fresh grass. In the winter they move to one of our greenhouses for shelter from the snow, but they still have open access to the large outdoor area surrounding the greenhouse all day long!

Apple Share
Available at all Brooklyn locations

An optional add-on of approximately 3 lb. of apples per pick-up. The apple share consists of a variety of apples, mostly from our neighbors at Fix Brothers Farm, Mead Orchard, and Samascott Orchard. The fruit is not organic, but is grown by farmers we know and trust. One delivery may be cider instead of apples.

Cheese Share
Available at all Brooklyn locations

The winter cheese share consists of one type of locally produced artisanal or farmstead cheese per pick-up. The specific cheeses you receive will be sourced and selected by us (farmer's choice, no substitutions). The share will include a mix of textures, flavors, and types, including cow's milk, goat's milk, and mixed-milk cheeses. All cheeses will come from local creameries and cheesemakers with commitments to quality, sustainability, and the well-being of their animals.

Bread Share (new this year!) 
Available in East Williamsburg and Greenwood Heights

The winter bread share consists of one loaf of fresh, artisan bread per pickup. The share will include a mix of flavors and types of bread from two of our favorite local bakeries, Sparrowbush Bakery and See & Be Kitchen. Both bakeries are renowned for their delicious, hand-crafted, small-batch breads. The specific loaves you receive each week will be selected by us (farmer's choice, no substitutions). Examples of breads you might receive include a classic wheat table loaf, sesame bread, raisin oat, sourdough arborio, Sparrowbush’s famous baguette-inspired “Companion” bread, and See & Be’s decadent “croissant bread.”

Bay Ridge CSA members — if you are interested in adding bread to your share, you can place an order through your location's partnership with Pleasant Valley Farms.

Yogurt Share (new this year!) 
Available in East Williamsburg and Greenwood Heights

The winter yogurt share consists of one quart of grass-fed, cream-topped yogurt from Chaseholm Farm per pickup. You can sign up for a plain yogurt share or a maple yogurt share. Chaseholm Farm is a multi-generational family dairy farm and creamery in Pine Plains, NY. They make their yogurt with whole milk from their own 100% grass-fed and certified organic dairy herd and live probiotic cultures. It is absolutely delicious, and we always make sure we keep it stocked in our farm store, and in our fridge! 

Bay Ridge CSA members — if you are interested in adding yogurt to your share, you can place an order through your location's partnership with Pleasant Valley Farms.

Pick-up Details


Pick-ups are available at the following locations:

Bay Ridge
Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church

6753 4th Avenue, Brooklyn NY


East Williamsburg
Red Shed Community Garden
266 Skillman Avenue, Brooklyn, NY


Greenwood Heights
Greenwood Park Bar & Restaurant
555 7th Avenue @ 19th St., Brooklyn, NY



The 2023-24 Winter CSA pick-ups will take place on 8 Saturdays between December and April (roughly biweekly, but please note that the schedule shifts around certain holidays):

December 16
January 13
January 27
February 10
March 2
March 16
April 6
April 20

Please remember that winter weather can be unpredictable! We will do our best to stick to this schedule, but if there is a major storm event and we decide it is not safe to have a CSA distribution on one of these dates, we will be sure to notify you and reschedule that share to another day. We will not offer refunds for rescheduled shares.


Going out of town? Take a "Vacation Week!"

Winter Share members have the option to schedule up to two "vacation weeks" during the winter season. When you claim a vacation week, your pick-up for that week will be cancelled and you will receive a credit in your GrownBy account for the value of your skipped share (veggies and/or eggs), which will be automatically applied to your next CSA installment payment or CSA purchase.

You must process your vacation week claim no later than the Sunday before your scheduled pick-up so that we can adjust the week's harvest plan. (This is a longer advance notice window than we had during the main season, so please plan ahead!) Detailed instructions on how to request your vacation week are available on our FAQ page.

Winter Share in Brooklyn 2023-24

Winter Share (vegetables)
$47.50 / pick-up

(8 pick-ups | $380/season)

Egg Share
$7.50 / dozen

(8 pick-ups | $60/season)

Apple Share

$7.50 / pick-up
(8 pick-ups | $60/season)

$12.50 / pick-up
(8 pick-ups | $100/season)

$12 / pick-up
(8 pick-ups | $96/season)

$8 / pick-up
(8 pick-ups | $64/season)

Payment Options

Pay in Full
We appreciate your full payment to help the farm cover all the costs of growing the vegetables at the beginning of the season!

Pay in Monthly Installments
A non-refundable deposit is due on sign-up. The remaining cost of the share is then spread out across monthly payments that are processed on the first of each month during the season (December–April). 

  • Vegetable shares: $65 deposit + 5 monthly installments of $63 

  • Egg shares: $11 deposit + 5 monthly installments of $9.80

  • Apple shares: $11 deposit + 5 monthly installments of $9.80

  • Cheese shares: $20 deposit + 5 monthly installments of $16

  • Bread shares: $18 deposit + 5 monthly installments of $15.60

  • Yogurt shares: $12 deposit + 5 monthly installments of $10.40


Members who sign up with monthly payments after the season starts will have a different payment schedule, depending on the total price of their prorated share. Email us at if you have any questions.

Cancellation Policy
If you paid in full, you can cancel your share at any time with a week's notice. You can choose to have a credit issued for a future CSA or Farm Market purchase; or receive a refund for the value of the shares remaining in the season less processing fees.

If you pay with installments, you can cancel your payment plan at any time. The installment payments already made are non-refundable, and your cancellation will take effect at the beginning of the next month.

Ready to join? Here's how you sign up!

Winter CSA sign-ups have closed for the 2023-24 season. Stay tuned for info about the 2024-25 Winter CSA, coming in late summer!

Do you want to give a CSA share as a gift? 

Please email us at if you would like to give a share as a gift. We will help you set up your order, and we'll send you a gift certificate that you can give to your loved one (or a digital version that you can email them or print out at home). After the gift has been given, we will work with you to set up your gift recipient's member account and welcome them to our CSA. 

Thank you for supporting our farm!

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