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Lincoln Center CSA

Sold out!

We're pleased to offer our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares to employees of Lincoln Center!  As a Health & Wellness benefit, you'll receive a weekly harvest of fresh organic vegetables and pasture-raised eggs from our family's farm at less than half of the regular cost.

What's in a share?

A Weekly Share includes a variety of certified organic produce and eggs from our family's farm in the Hudson Valley.  



A share is designed for a small household. Members can expect to receive 5 varieties of certified organic vegetables per week, including greens, roots vegetables, and seasonal vegetables.

We create our farm planting plan based on feedback from our CSA members.  In the late fall and early winter, the produce is a mix of cold-tolerant vegetables picked fresh from the field (such as carrots, cauliflower, collards and parsnips);  fall storage vegetables (such as butternut squash, beets and sweet potatoes);  and tender greens from our greenhouses (such as lettuce, spinach, bok choy and kale).  


Our flock of laying hens lives out on pasture in mobile hen houses, where they peck at plants and eat grains we provide them so they can produce nutrient-rich eggs with deep orange yolks.  When there is snow in the forecast they move to one of our greenhouses for shelter but still have access to the outdoors during all daylight hours.  


Who grows the food?

We grow the vegetables and eggs right here at Hearty Roots Farm.  We are Ben + Lindsey Shute and our two young kids, along with a crew of farmers who work alongside us.  Hearty Roots is now in our 16th season, always focused on CSA as our main market and top priority since the beginning.  

Our farm is located on 70 acres of land in the town of Clermont, NY, in Columbia County, on the east bank of the Hudson River.  Our vegetables are all certified organic.  



Pickup Time & Place:  You pick up your share every Wednesday afternoon at the Rose Building at Lincoln Center.  This CSA is only open to Lincoln Center employees, as the cost is subsidized as a Health & Wellness benefit.  

Dates:  This Fall's season runs from November 13th through December 18th, skipping the week of Thanksgiving, for a total of 5 pickups.

Packaging:  Each week you will receive your share in a pre-packed reusable tote bag.  We count on you to return the empty bag before the next week's pickup, so that the farm can use it again for an upcoming delivery.  

The current sign-up is for a fall share only.  After a winter break, we hope to offer you a share again next spring!


Sign up now!
Weekly share of vegetables + eggs:
5 weeks @ $10 week = $50
This discounted rate is less than half of the usual price, as a Health & Wellness benefit from Lincoln Center
We are now sold out for the Fall Share!
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