Our vegetables are certified organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC.

Our vegetable farming is centered around our CSA program. We plant dozens of types of produce (click here for this year’s planting plan) in order to keep our farm members happy with a wide range of the best tasting varieties available.

Some items we plant once per year, like onions, sweet peppers and potatoes, and then harvest over the course of a few months. Other items, like lettuce and arugula, we plant every week, to ensure that we always have a completely fresh supply at the peak of ripeness. We plant much larger quantities of favorite items, like tomatoes and carrots, and smaller quantities of less common items like Japanese turnips and celery root.

Learn more about our farming practices by clicking here.

Where to find our fresh produce

In addition to our CSA program, our vegetables are offered at:
Montgomery Place Orchard farm stand (Red Hook)
Mercato restaurant (Red Hook)
Talbott & Arding (Hudson)
Gaskins (Germantown)
Traghaven Whiskey Pub (Tivoli)
Julia and Isabella Fine Fare (Rhinebeck Farmers Market / Clermont)
Lot 2 Restaurant (Brooklyn)