About the farm

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Hearty Roots is a family farm using sustainable practices to grow the freshest, healthiest, tastiest food for our community.

The farm is run by Ben and Lindsey Shute along with a great crew of ambitious and hard-working young farmers. Based on 70 acres in Clermont, NY, the farm currently grows about 25 acres of vegetables per year, cares for a flock of laying hens, and manages another 25 acres of pasture and fallow fields.

Our farming practices

Our goals in farming are to create a product that is healthy for you, for our community, and for the land. That means that we only use natural products that are organically approved in our soil and on our plants; we seek to improve our soil’s health and fertility in the long term; we aim to play a positive role in our ecosystem rather than fighting against it; and we pay our workers a fair wage and offer health care.