Bay Ridge

Winter Share

A variety of delicious winter vegetables, delivered monthly

from January - April

*Member who join mid-season will get a pro-rated price*

  • The vegetable share includes a wide variety of vegetables including fresh cooking greens, roots, winter squash, salad greens and more!

  • Egg share available as an add-on item

  • Members can join beginning in March at a pro-rated price


What's in a Winter Share?

A winter share is a wide variety of storage vegetables as well as fresh greens from the greenhouses.  Because the delivery is monthly, we will be giving a generous share of 8-10 items, some of which is best used within the week after pickup, and other items that store well to keep you nourished with tasty organic vegetables until the next pickup. 


The share will likely include:

Best used fresh:  Spinach, Braising Greens (kale, collards), Salad greens

Stores well in the fridge:  Carrots, Parsnips, Beets, Turnips, Cabbage

Stores well at room temperature:  Butternut Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Onions


Most of the items in the share will be from our own fields and greenhouses here at Hearty Roots.  A few items that we are short on may be sourced from nearby certified organic or certified naturally grown farms run by friends who we know and trust, including Poughkeepsie Farm Project and MX Morningstar Farm.


Egg share

You can also add eggs on to your share!

These eggs are from our pasture-raised hens.  In the summer they are out on the pasture in mobile hen houses, moved weekly to fresh grass.  In the winter they move to one of our greenhouses for shelter from the snow, but they still have open access to the large outdoor area surrounding the greenhouse all day long. 


The super-fresh eggs will last perfectly in your fridge for several weeks, so don't hesitate to order enough to last you for the month.  

Pick-up details

Pick up is in Bay Ridge at 4th Avenue Presbyterian Church (6753 4th Avenue) on Saturdays, between 9:30am - 10:30am:

January 11th (completed)

February 8th (completed)

March 14th

April 18th

You can join mid-season at a pro-rated price.

If you can't make it to pick up on one of those dates, give us three days advance notice, and we can credit you the value of that week's share toward your summer CSA share.

Winter Share Pricing
Winter Share (vegetables)
$35 per delivery 
Egg share
$6.25 / dozen