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We take great pride in the care we give to the animals and the land that they live and graze on. We raise our sheep grass-fed and grass-finished, moving them to a fresh area of pasture every few days so that they always have the best plants to keep them happy and healthy. As a larger part of our farm ecosystem, the sheep help to sequester carbon in our pastures, build topsoil, and make productive use of fields that are not growing vegetables. 


Lamb Shares

What is included in a lamb share?

A lamb share is the meat from one lamb. We expect each share to include about 25–30 lb. of frozen meat, including various lamb chops, a leg roast, meat for kebabs, ground lamb, and shanks. Based on the genetics of the flock and our grazing practices, we expect exquisite flavor!

Butchering and Cuts

We will have our butcher cut the meat to our standard preferences. If you would prefer to specify your own "cut sheet," we can accommodate that if you provide us details before November 7th.

A lamb share should take up about a milk crate's worth of space in a freezer, very manageable for a small or medium family.  

Pick-up Date   

The 2022 lamb share pick-up will take place on Wednesday, November 16th, from 2pm–6pm, at the farm. We do not have freezer space to hold shares for late pickup unless you make special arrangements with us ahead of time.  


$525 per share


Email us at if you have any questions, or if you would like to request a custom cut sheet. 

SOLD OUT for 2022

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