tamworth nose

Our pasture-raised pigs live outdoors at the edge of our old apple orchard, where they can rest in the shade of the trees or run out to the pasture and munch on plants.  In 2017 we have raised fourteen pigs up from piglets.

The pigs love living on our farm because they get lots of treats from the veggie fields.  An ugly carrot? A tomato with a soft spot?  A twisty cucumber?  The pigs love them!  It’s a great way for us to “recycle” produce that we don’t have a market for.  The pigs also eat a diet of grains, the plants growing in the pasture, and the apples that drop from the trees above.

Buying Pork from Hearty Roots Farm

Currently we have pork for sale at our farm, by the cut. Stop by Wednesday afternoons during CSA pickup hours (3 – 6:30PM) or email us to arrange a time to buy pork by the cut.


Our processor butchers the meat, smokes the hams, bacon and shanks, then vacuum-seals all of the cuts.  The pork is delivered to you frozen, the butcher’s powerful freezers do a great job of freezing the meat quickly to preserve its quality well.  It will last for months in the freezer without losing its excellent quality.