For sale

We are moving completely off of our rented land in Red Hook, up to our new land in Clermont. We’re taking down some infrastructure that we don’t need anymore, including a walk-in cooler and a greenhouse. We are also selling some laying hens and some other misc items. If you’re interested in any of these things let me know at

Walk in cooler panels with person-sized door. There are six 4′ x 8′ wall panels plus two 4′ x 10′ roof panels (metal faced w/ 4″ foam, like you’d see in a restaurant). One wall panel has a door, another one has a cut out for an air conditioner (to be used w/ a cool bot). Right now this is set up as a 8′ x 8′ cooler (because one wall is built up against another cooler; you’d need two more panels or an insulated wall to make this into a free standing 8′ x 8′ cooler). Currently sits on an 8′ x 8′ platform we built with a few inches of foam insulation sandwiched between plywood as the floor. We have the platform just supported on cinder blocks, under a hoophouse outdoors.
This set up is not very polished; no special corner pieces, this unit is fully jury-rigged together and would need to be re-rigged creatively. But it does the job well.
The 15K btu A/C that we use with this about 4 years old and works great and cools the 8×8′ space down to the mid 30’s no problem. Price is $500 for panels and platform, add another $250 for coolbot and a/c. It is disassembled and ready for pickup.


Greenhouse SOLD
16′ x 96′ gothic greenhouse frame. Built by Shelter Logic. One purlin, plywood end walls, will need new plastic. This was bought new in 2007. Not as sturdy as a Ledgewood greenhouse but it served us for seven years with no problems regarding wind, snow, etc. Greenhouse is disassembled and pieces are all carefully labeled for reconstruction; you will probably want to buy new tek screws. Price is $600.

16 foot gh

Laying Hens
Red sexlinks (born Feb. 2012) and Aracaunas (born April 2012). Sexlinks are still laying about three or four eggs / week per hen; Aracaunas have stopped laying due to short day length but I expect they will start again either with artificial light or when days are longer. Red sexlinks were pullets from Moyer’s (trimmed beaks), Aracaunas were started as chicks on our farm. $5 / ea for fewer than 5 hens, $4 / ea for 5 – 10 hens, $3 / ea for more than 10 hens. We have up to 200 birds.


red star hen

two hens

A few other items that we have around:
200 gal fuel tank (most recently used for diesel) with hand crank pump, dented but no leaks. $150 SOLD
– assorted greenhouse bows, gothic and round
– Kubota L285 30hp tractor, needs work on starter
– 1989 Toyota pickup w/ 4 cyl 22RE engine; needs work (farm truck, not for on road)
– 1989 Volvo 240 station wagon, needs work on fuel pump

fuel tank