Winter share: Upper West Side

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What’s a Winter Share?

The Winter Share is a one-time bonus delivery of our certified organic vegetables, including greens fresh from the greenhouse as well as roots and other items that are great for storing well into the winter.  You can also add eggs, stewing chicken, and/or pork to your share.

When & Where do I pick up?

Pick up will be at Rutgers Church, 236 West 73rd Street (just west of Broadway) in Manhattan. Pick up time is Wednesday, December 14th from 4pm – 7pm. Deadline to sign up is Monday night, Dec. 12th (or when we are sold out).

What’s in a share?

The Winter vegetable share ($25) will likely include the following certified organic produce:

  • Cooking Greens (will keep for a week in the fridge)
  • Broccoli (will keep for a week in the fridge)
  • Root vegetables- lots of carrots and a few turnips (will store for weeks in the fridge)
  • Butternut Squash (will store for months at room temperature)
  • Leeks (will store for weeks in the fridge)
  • Cabbage (will keep for weeks in the fridge)

Egg option

A dozen eggs from our pasture-raised hens is $6.

Stewing Chicken option

These delicious stewing chickens make incredibly rich and golden broth, with exceptionally nutritious meat. The chicken has been processed, dressed and frozen.

Stewing chicken needs to be cooked differently than grocery store chicken (commercial birds are 8 weeks old, fed only grain; our birds are a year or two old and have been eating a nutrient-rich diet on pasture). Slow cook / simmer these chickens for several hours (the longer the better, even overnight!) until the meat falls off the bone; the golden, flavorful broth is enriched by the long cooking of the whole bird including the bones.

Chickens are $10 each, average 2.5- 3.5 lb.

Pork Share option

*Sold out*

We have delicious pasture-raised pork available in a package of mixed cuts (frozen). The pigs are raised in the shade of our apple trees and their varied diet and healthy outdoor living result in superb quality meat, our members rave about it.

Pork share includes a pack of pork chops, a pack of sausage or ground pork, a pack of bacon, and another pork item (ham steaks, shoulder, smoked ham, or ribs). Price is $75 for approx. 8 lb. of meat.

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Vegetable share: $25

sold out
A dozen eggs: $6

sold out
Stewing Chicken: $10

sold out
Pork Share: $75 sold out