Thanksgiving share: Brooklyn

Thanksgiving share

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays on the farm. It provides a chance to relax and enjoy the great bounty of fall produce.
Every season, we plant extra fall crops in hopes of being able to offer an optional Thanksgiving Share to our members. This year, we have a great bounty to keep your household eating local for your Thanksgiving feast and beyond.

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What’s a Thanksgiving Share?

The Thanksgiving Share is a one-time bonus delivery of our favorite certified organic autumn vegetables, perfect for a Thanksgiving feast, and also great for storing well into the winter.  You can also add additional items to your share.

When & Where do I pick up?

Pick up on Saturday, November 18th (the Saturday before Thanksgiving). Pick up will be at the locations and times listed below. If you can’t make it to pick up, just send a friend or neighbor and tell them to check off your name from the list.

  • East Williamsburg: Red Shed Community Garden (266 Skillman Ave @ Kingsland Ave.), 10am – 12 noon
  • Greenwood Heights: Slope Park, 6th Ave. between 18th St. and 19th St., 9:30am – 11am
  • Bay Ridge: 4th Avenue Presbyterian Church (4th ave between 68th & Senator St), 8:30am – 10:30am

How do I sign up and how much does it cost?

You can purchase your Thanksgiving Share here. The cost for the vegetable share, which contains more produce than a typical CSA delivery (since it will store so well), is $45. We estimate that if you were to buy the same produce at the farmers’ market or grocery store, you would spend over $60.

What’s in a share?

The Thanksgiving share will likely include:

  • Cooking Greens (will keep for a week in the fridge)
  • Spinach (will keep for a week in the fridge)
  • Root vegetables- mix of carrots, beets, parsnips, and rutabaga (will store for weeks in the fridge)
  • Butternut Squash (will store for months at room temperature)
  • Garlic (will store for months at room temperature)
  • Leeks (will store for weeks in the fridge)
  • Cabbage (will keep for weeks in the fridge)

Pasture-raised Eggs option

Our hens are loving the mild fall weather out on the pasture, still producing delicious eggs with nice orange yolks.

Pork Share option

You can order a small box (~10 lb.) or large box (~20 lb) of our pasture raised pork. All boxes include bacon, three types of linked sausage (sweet Italian, hot Italian, and breakfast), pork chops, ground pork, and a few other cuts of meat. More information on our pork is here.

Apples option

You can order Apples from Mead Orchard.  These will be a variety that is good for both baking and fresh eating.  6 apples per share.

Maple Syrup from Hubbell Homestead

Pete Hubbell and family produce maple syrup from their sugarbush in Chazy, NY, in the North Country by Lake Champlain. They tap 4,500 sugar maple trees and use a reverse-osmosis system to concentrate and then boil down the sap into syrup.

It is Grade A Amber maple syrup, packed in traditional tin containers, in pints.   Please note these are available in East Williamsburg and Greenwood Heights but not in Bay Ridge.

Pasture Raised Chicken from Old Ford Farm

These delicious broiler chickens were raised by our friends Becky and Joe Fullam at Old Ford Farm in New Paltz.

The chickens are raised in movable pasture pens. These are bottomless pens that give the birds protection from direct sun, rain, and predators, while allowing them to eat bugs and grasses. We move the pens to fresh pasture on a daily basis to give the birds continuous foraging, which revitalizes the grass for our cows. In addition to what they forage, the chickens are fed certified non-GMO grain that is grown without chemical pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers.

Chickens average 4-5 lb. and they are frozen.  Please note these are available in East Williamsburg and Greenwood Heights but not in Bay Ridge.

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