Manage Clermont, Red Hook Village, Woodstock and Kingston CSA share

The basics of picking up your share

Vegetables are set out “farm stand” style at our CSA pick-ups–  for example, boxes of lettuce, boxes of carrots, boxes of tomatoes, lined up on a table.  A chalk board will let you know how much of each item you can take as part of your share.  Some items are by-the-piece (i.e. 2 heads of lettuce) and others can be weighed out (i.e. 3 lb. of tomatoes).   Sometimes, there will be a choice, such as “1 green or 1 red cabbage” or “3 eggplants or 3 sweet peppers”.  Be sure to stick to what the list specifies, because if you don’t take the right quantity, other members will miss out.

Please bring your own bags for bringing home your share.  Usually 2 shopping bags is about right.

Farm Rules

Please observe the following guidelines when picking up your share, for your own safety and the safety of your fellow CSA members:

  • no pets at the farm
  • monitor children at the farm, and always be on the lookout for common farm hazards like uneven ground, tractors and equipment, sharp objects,  etc.
  • be mindful of “food safety” when picking up your vegetables:  touch only the vegetables you are planning to take;  wash your hands before visiting the pick-your-own garden.
  • vehicles should stay in the parking lot only (don’t drive on farm roads)

When + Where to pick up your share

We offer four pick-up locations in the Hudson Valley.  When you signed up, you chose your “default” location and pick-up day-of-the-week.  If you need a reminder of your default pickup day + time, check your email confirmation from when you signed up, or log in to your member account.

If you give us notice, you can choose to pick up your share at a different location for a given week (details below)

Our pick up times are:
On the Farm: Wednesday 3pm – 6:30pm or Saturday 9am – 12noon
Red Hook Village: Tuesday 3:30pm – 6pm
Woodstock: Wednesday 4 – 7pm
Kingston: Wednesday 5 – 7pm.

For a reminder of where to go for your pickup, see

The first CSA pick-up for Weekly or “Week A” schedule bi-weekly members is the week of June 6-10th. The first CSA pick-up for “Week B” schedule bi-weekly members is the week of June 13- 17th.

If you miss your share pick-up

If you miss a pick-up, we will do our best to hold your share at the farm for you to pick up later, please contact us by email to let us know if we should expect you.  Please note that we can offer this to members who pick up on the farm, in Red Hook, or in Kingston;  in Woodstock, we do not have someone on the farm staff there at the end of pick-up to bring your share back to the farm, so your share will be donated to Family of Woodstock’s food pantry if you miss your pick-up.

Logging in to your member account

Log in here

Our member management tools work through the “CSAware” membership management system. You established an account when you first signed up, and you can log in at this link. If you have forgotten your password, you can request it automatically; if you are still having trouble please get in touch with us at

Going on Vacation?  Put your share on hold.

Click to put your share on Hold

Your CSA share provides you with 22 weeks (weekly) or 11 weeks (biweekly) of pick-ups. But we offer you the option to choose two weeks (for Weekly members) to put your share “on hold”, and get a bonus make up share (or double share) at the end of the season. We need you to give us notice by midnight on the Sunday before your pickup using your CSAware account. If you don’t put your share on hold for any weeks during the season, you will simply skip the final week of the season– or you can choose to buy an extra week at the end.

To put your share on hold, sign into your member account and click the “Put your box on hold for a week” link. Then select the pick-up date(s) on the calendar, and click the “hold delivery” button.

Changing a week’s pickup location

Click here to change

By default, you are scheduled to pick up your share at the time and location that you signed up for. If you’d prefer to pick up your share at one of our other locations for a given week, you can schedule that from your Member Management Dashboard. We need to know by midnight on the Sunday before your pickup, or else we can’t plan for the change.

To schedule a week’s pickup for a different location, sign into your member account You will see a calendar where your default pickup days are highlighted in green. Click on the date that you wish to reschedule. Then under the “Reschedule Single Delivery” menu, you can choose the location where you’d prefer to pick up for that week. This will reschedule your pick-up for that week only, it will not change your default location. But you can schedule as many weeks as you like at different locations.

Our pick up times are:
On the Farm: Wednesday 3pm – 6:30pm or Saturday 9am – 12noon
Red Hook Village: Tuesday 3:30pm – 6pm
Woodstock: Wednesday 4 – 7pm
Kingston: Wednesday 5 – 7pm

Every other week members

Please note that bi-weekly members are on a “Week A” or “Week B” schedule for the season. Out of fairness to all members, we cannot accommodate switching between A and B week schedules; it would throw off the balance of our harvest, which would mean some members would get less produce than others.

Pick-Your-Own garden

We tend a Pick-Your-Own garden at the farm for CSA members to harvest from. The garden includes herbs, flowers, and seasonal items like cherry tomatoes, snap peas and hot peppers. CSA members are invited to pick in the garden on Wednesdays 3 – 7pm, or Saturdays during daylight hours, during the harvest season.

Items from the garden are included in the price of your share. Unless certain items are in short supply, we do not limit quantities, but we rely on members to use your judgement and take modest quantities to ensure that there will be enough to go around for all CSA members. Please do not take more than your fair share, and only pick what your household can use in a week.

Why do we have a PYO garden? The items in the garden are usually time-intensive to harvest, so we would not be able to put them in the regular share; but we want members to have the option to bring them home if they wish to take the time to pick. We also enjoy having members visit the farm, so we see the PYO garden as a incentive for members to come out to the farm in person.