Hearty Roots Farm Events 2012

We’re annoucning our farm event schedule for the season; all are welcome, bring your friends, kids, and neighbors:

Sunday, June 10th, 2pm – 6pm: Leek planting party!

We will be transplanting our leek seedlings into the field. This will be a relaxed event, feel free to come and put some leeks in the ground, or just have a picnic if you’re not in the mood to dig your hands into the dirt. Come for as much or as little time as you’d like; there will be a tour of the farm fields at 4pm. Location is our main field at 227 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook, NY 12571

Saturday, July 7th, 10am – 5pm: Garlic harvest party!

We will be pulling our crop of garlic out of the ground and hanging it to dry in the barn. Feel free to bring home some fresh garlic with you! Come for as much or as little time as you’d like; there will be a tour of the farm fields at 2pm. Location is our main field at 227 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook, NY 12571.

Sunday, September 30th, 2pm – 6pm: Fall Harvest Celebration!

No work, all play. We will be celebrating the harvest with music, cider pressing, games for kids, a potluck feast, and more. Location TBA.

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Red Hook Winter Market

Hearty Roots will have produce for sale at the Red Hook Winter Market. We’ll keep bringing greenhouse greens, and winter veggies until we are sold out for the season.

The Winter Market takes place two Saturdays a month, at the Elmendorph Inn in the village of Red Hook.

The year’s dates are: November 19, December 3, 17 & 31, January 14 & 28,
February 11 & 25, March 10 & 24, April 7

Hours are 10am – 2pm.

You will also find local farmers selling meat, eggs, dairy, fruit and specialty products.

Hope to see you there!

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Join us for our Harvest Celebration this Sunday, September 25th, Rain or Shine!

The forecast is uncertain for this weekend– a good chance of sun and clouds, with a possiblity of some showers– but rain or shine, we will be celebrating the harvest at 223 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook, from 2pm – 6pm. We will have music from Louis Munroe and Liv Carrow, a farm tour (4pm), cider pressing with Montgomery Place apples, games for kids, a potluck (bring something to share if you like, don’t worry if you can’t), cold beer from Keegan Ales, and pumpkin picking! If it rains a bit, we have sheltered space to enjoy food, drink, and company until the showers pass.

We look forward to seeing you at the farm!

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Join us for the annual Fall Harvest Party on Sunday, September 25th

Here at Hearty Roots, one of the highlights of the year is when our members, family and friends come to the farm to celebrate the harvest. Although our fall crops took a turn for the worse with the double-header storms, we know that there’s still plenty to be thankful for — especially for the dedicated and supportive community that’s shared eight incredible seasons with us.

Please join us at the farm (223 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook, NY) on Sunday, September 25th, from 2pm – 6pm for the Fall Harvest Party. This year we’ll have cider-pressing, face-painting, a farm tour (4pm), good food, potato sack races, music, pumpkin carving and good company. _This is not a work party!_ This is a hoe-down, quite literally.

If you’re interested in helping out, please bring a pot-luck dish to share. But if you don’t get around to it or have the time, please please come anyway, there will be plenty of snacks to go around.

We hope to see you there!

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Storm report from the Farm

After Tropical Storm Irene swept through NYC on Sunday, it continued right on up over the farm. Though it seems that the city got through it without too many problems, communities to the north have suffered a lot more.

At Hearty Roots, the main damage from the storm came from the heavy rains – about 9″, which is basically two months worth of rain in 24 hours. Fortunately, we farm very well-drained soils, so most of our crops coped with the deluge relatively well. A few parts of the farm, lower pockets where rainwater drains from the rest of the fields, experienced the “ponding” we see in the photo of lettuce above. When you can see your vegetables’ reflection, that’s not a good sign! Those lettuces are probably a lost cause– the leaves will rot in the field. But the good news is that this was one of the worst
affected areas of the field, and at least you can still see the tops of the lettuces– some other farms around here can’t say as

much. And we were fortunate that no streams spilled their banks into our fields; when this happens, it is advised not to harvest any crops that have been flooded, due to the possiblitly of bacterial contamination from the floodwater in the streams.

The main problems we face now are:

– the water table is so high that the roots of many plants are still waterlogged. They need air in order to get nutrients from the soil, so they won’t be happy until things dry out a bit more. But with streams still running extremely high, the water table isn’t likely to drop back to normal levels right away.

– there is an increased risk of plants getting diseases, like blight and ro

ot rot, when we have such wet conditions on the farm. That doesn’t make them risky to eat, just less productive.

– some of our crops, such as the last of the melons and the tomatoes, are prone to splitting and cracking when they get such a huge dose of water. If you have splitting fruits in your share this week, try to use them quickly, they are still perfectly good but won’t store well.

And, as I write this, we’re still experiencing a power outage from a tree blown down on the power lines down the road. I’m writing thanks to a backup generator.

While we expect to lose some crops, we hope that most things will survive fairly well and that you will continue to have bountiful CSA shares for the remainder of the season.

Preparations for the storm

We spent Friday and Saturday of last week running around the farm preparing for hurricane winds. Becuase we farm rented land, we don’t have much sturdy infrastructure like barns to store things in. Our main storage area is a big greenhouse with open ends– not a great shelter from a hurricane! We actually took the plastic off of some of our tomato greenhouses, to prevent them from blowing away (see above), and stashed lots of water-sensitive items like cover crop seeds in our delivery truck and in neighboring barns.

On Sunday afternoon I went to check on the fields, but couldn’t get there becuase the gravel road was flooded. Of course, so were the town, county, and state roads!

We got off easy

We were lucky. Many communities in the Catskills (right across the Hudson river from us) and up in Vermont have been truly devastated by the flooding. Some CSA’s will be having a very difficult autumn– but we hope that the Community Supported Agriculture system will play a positive role in all this, allowing farmers who might otherwise have literally gone broke to get through this fall and plant again next year, when mother nature will hopefully be more cooperative.

Thanks for the words of support many members sent us before and after the storm!

–Benjamin and the Hearty Roots Farm crew

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Hearty Roots Farm events 2011

Schedule of Farm Events for 2011

We are excited to invite you to join us for these days of collective work and celebration at the farm! We welcome the farm’s members and friends to Hearty Roots to get better connected with the soil where your food is grown. We have two Work Parties, at which you have the opportunity to get your hands dirty and participate in a planting or harvesting project on the farm. In the fall, we have a Harvest Party, a time to celebrate the season, enjoy the surroundings of the farm, and get to know the farmers and other members.

All events take place on the farm at 223 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook, NY. For our members from the city, we urge you to organize car-pools or even a van or bus to get to the farm. Amtrak comes close enough to the farm to take a taxi ride here, as well.

Our events are all-ages friendly, and we will provide water and snacks. Feel free to bring lunch, or buy it at Gigi Market, right on the farm. We remind you to bring sun protection and work gloves if you want them, and please do not bring your pets. If an event is postponed due to weather (only in the event of heavy rain) we will post notification at heartyroots.com and on the farm’s voicemail.

Potato Planting – Saturday, April 30th. Heavy rain date: Sunday, May 1st. 10am – 5pm (come for as much or little time as you wish)

The growing season begins! Celebrate the arrival of Spring and the approaching CSA season by joining us for a day of planting potatoes at the farm. Potato planting is accessible to all ages, a great way to make the connection between seed and food, and a wonderful chance to hang out at the farm as it wakes up after a long winter. The day is also a great opportunity to connect with fellow farm members and chat with the farmers about what is in store for the coming months.

Garlic Harvest – Saturday, July 16th. Heavy rain date: Sunday, July 17th. 10am – 5pm (come for as much or little time as you wish)

From its planting last fall, through weeding, watering, picking early green shoots and flowery scapes, Hearty Roots garlic is finally ready for harvest. Come help us bring in this season’s fiery crop, taste different garlic varieties, and explore the farm in its full mid-summer glory.

Harvest Party – Sunday, September 25th, rain or shine.

Gather with us to celebrate the joys and toast the challenges of the growing season. Our crew will be hard at work constructing creative farm games and booking lively local musicians (let us know if you and/or friends would like to play) for an afternoon of fun and frolic. Bring a dish to share for a delicious pot-luck dinner, relax and pick herbs and flowers or take a farm tour and get acquainted with the inner workings of Hearty Roots. Come share the beauty and bounty of late summer on the farm.

Stay Tuned….
We are still in the process of planning a few more community events this year. Plans are in the works for a local farm summer concert upstate and a meet the farmer/city-farm workday in NYC. If you have additional ideas of fun farm related events or gatherings please let us know.

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Hearty Roots Farm events for 2010!

We hope that you will join us for some farm events this season! Here’s the lineup for 2010:

Spring Planting Party! Saturday, May 1st, 11am – 5pm (heavy downpour date = Sunday, May 2nd)

Join us as we plant onion seedlings and potatoes, and enjoy the opportunity to get to know the members and the crew of Hearty Roots Farm and have fun in the dirt! Join us for as few or as many hours as you wish, and feel free to bring friends and family, no need to RSVP. Water and snacks will be provided, but feel free to bring a picnic. There are a range of jobs to help out with, including very active (running up and down rows planting tiny onion seedlings) and the more sedentary (separating out seedlings from their trays at the end of the row), with plenty of options for kids.

Get the farm off to a good start this spring by helping to get some plants in the ground!

In the event of light rain, we’ll be right out there planting. In the event of heavy, heavy rain, we will postpone until the next day– check www.heartyroots.com for details if the weather is bad.

Garlic Harvest Party! Saturday, July 17th, 10am – 5pm (heavy downpour date = Sunday, July 18th)

We will be pulling the bulbs of garlic out of the ground and bundling them to hang and cure. Join us for as few or as many hours as you wish, and feel free to bring friends and family, no need to RSVP. Water and snacks will be provided, but feel free to bring a picnic.

There is nothing like pulling a fresh, pungent bulb of garlic from the ground! Chances are there will be some bulbs that can go home with you to add some just-dug garlic flavor to your dinner.

In the event of light rain, we’ll be right out there harvesting. In the event of heavy, heavy rain, we will postpone until the next day– check www.heartyroots.com for details if the weather is bad.

Fall Harvest Celebration! Saturday, September 25th, 2pm – 6pm (heavy downpour date = Sunday, September 26th)

No work required! A time to come visit the farm, meet fellow members, play games, eat good food, and enjoy the beauty of autumn. We will have cider pressing, good music, and fun for adults and kids alike.

If you’re so inclined, bring along a pot-luck snack to share– but be sure to come whether you have something for the pot-luck or not, there will be plenty of snacks to go around so don’t hesitate to show up at the last minute.

In the event of light rain, we’ll be go on with the show. In the event of heavy rain, we will postpone until the next day– check www.heartyroots.com for details if the weather is bad.


To find directions, look up 227 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook, NY. Follow the signs to park your car or bike on the south side of Pitcher Lane. It’s a two hour drive from NYC up the Taconic Parkway.
Metro-North/Amtrak/Trailways Bus can get you close enough to ride a bike, taxi or local bus to the farm.
If you’d like to stay the weekend in Tivoli (great hikes to be taken, baked goods to be eaten, drinks to be imbibed), let us know and we can try to arrange camping space!

We hope to see you there!

Our member Craig McCord described a previous spring planting party:
“As if by magic, it’s the end of the day and the end of the process.
Sixteen thousand onions planted in (almost) perfectly straight
rows…a tired and dusty, but happy, collection of hardy workers say
their good-byes…They all drive away knowing the next time they see
those onions, it will be the middle of July as they pick up their
weekly box of CSA vegetables. It was a good day’s work.”
Read the full article at:

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Visit us at the Red Hook Winter Market!

Hearty Roots will be selling produce at the Red Hook Winter Market again this year. The market will take place at the Elmendorph Inn in Red Hook (near the IGA), on the following Saturdays, from 10am – 2pm: December 19th, January 16th, February 13th, and March 13th.
For further details, contact the market organizers at mckeonandny@yahoo.com.

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Garlic Harvest Party

The garlic harvest party is on for this Saturday, July 18th. We’ll be working from 11am – 5pm.

Garlic will be pulled from the field at 227 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook, NY. Then, it will be transported to our drying barn at 433 West Kerley Corners Road, Tivoli, NY.

There may be a few rain showers, but we plan to work regardless. If it is storming, plan to find us in the drying barn! Hope to see you there!

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