Hearty Roots in the NY Times

In this morning’s New York Times (front page of the Food Section, with a teaser on the front page of the paper!) writer Julia Moskin wrote an article about the proliferation of services that may call themselves CSA’s, but do not share the principles around which the Community Supported Agriculture movement was founded.

I was pleased that she interviewed me for the article, and honored that a couple of quotes made it in there.  Mostly she got me sounding disgruntled about these delivery services —  fair enough —  but for most of the half hour we spoke, I was talking positively about all the great things about CSA!

So I wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for participating in a true CSA and let you know why I think it’s so important.  The principles that make CSA special are:

  • Direct connection between farmers and members.  This means you know how we grow the food and who we are, and we listen to you and your preferences as we plan the crops for the season.  It also means there is no distributor taking a big cut and controlling the price in a way that makes the farm vulnerable.
  • Shared risks and rewards, so that, on the risk side, if a freak hailstorm wipes out a planting of squash, we work together to deal with the problem rather than the farm diving into debt, or going under (we want our farm to be here to feed your grandkids!).  On the shared rewards side, when there’s a windfall in the fields, it’s more heirloom tomatoes for everyone.  (with these non-CSA delivery services, a windfall goes to the venture capitalists who back them).
  • A responsibility by the farmers to transfer the CSA members’ support of the farm business into proper care for the environment and just working conditions for farmworkers.  We aim to grow food by honoring the values that you, our members, will be proud of.

So take a moment to read the article and consider leaving a comment on the NY Times web site explaining why CSA is important to you.

We thank you for making a commitment to our farm through CSA, and we pledge to keep working hard to make it well worth it!

Your farmers,
Ben and Lindsey + family, along with Wes, Kate, Christopher, Amanda, Colleen, Nico, Gilberto, Michael, Hannelore, and Cora

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