Hearty Roots Farm events 2009!

Please join us for our farm events this season! All are welcome.

– Saturday, May 16th will be our Leek Planting Party. This year we’ll be focusing on leeks instead of onions, transplanting thousands of little seedlings from their greenhouse trays into the soil.

– Saturday, July 18th will be our Garlic Harvest Party. We will be pulling the bulbs of garlic out of the ground and hanging them to cure in the barn. This year we’ve acquired a tractor-mounted under-cutter that may make the whole process a lot easier– if it works as planned, we won’t have to hand-dig each bulb!

– Saturday, October 3rd will be our Fall Harvest Party. A time to just come visit the farm, meet fellow members, play games, eat good food and enjoy the beauty of autumn!

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