Fall Harvest Party– Saturday October 18th

Come one come all to the annual Hearty Roots Farm Fall Harvest Party!

Saturday October 18th, from 2pm – 6pm, at 433 West Kerley Corners Road in Tivoli, NY.

Bring a dish to share for the pot-luck, also please bring your own plate/utensils.

Activities include: Tours of the Farm Fields! Pumpkin Carving! Volleyball! Rotten Tomato Tossing! Horseshoes! and prepare to be flabbergasted at the flexible farmer feats of . . . The Agrobats!


2pm – 6pm: Games, potluck, drinks, merriment at Hearty Roots Farm HQ, 433 West Kerley Corners Road.

3pm Tour of the farm’s main production fields at main production 227 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook.

4:30pm Performance by the Agrobats!

6pm Sunset, then time to head home, or out to the Black Swan for a drink.

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