Farm Notes by Miriam

Hello Folks,

Feels like fall and we are busy planting our cover crops. Every year I look forward to feeding the soil after harvesting from it all season. This year we have experimented with buckwheat as a quick summer smother crop. And, good ol’ favorites such as Rye/Vetch and Oats/Peas. The grasses provide biomass and the legumes fix nitrogen when worked into the soil. Hopefully, by seeding now will help produce healthy produce next year and in the years to come.

Speaking of long term stewardship — Benjamin and Lindsey will be joined in matrimony at the farm next weekend!!!

I’m sure I am joined by all of you and our entire crew in offering heartfelt congratulations and best wishes. For those of you in Brooklyn, no worries about pick-up — one of the trusty crew will be making the trip down with produce even on the day of the wedding. And, a message for Tivoli members, please refrain from picking the wedding flowers – located on the hill to the north of pick-your-own and those near the white tractor shed.

Finally, I hope you are all continuing to enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Take care,

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