Farm Notes by Tracy

We work hard here at Hearty Roots. Seven days a week, at least one of us is at the farm. Some days just watering, other days planting, weeding, tilling, keeping away the groundhogs, and harvesting. Perhaps the produce itself tells that story: of long days in the field. But our bright, sweet carrots and heavy, round beets also tell another story: Hearty Roots isn’t just about hard work. After hours you’ll find three of us coming home to the same house, and often most of us find ourselves in the same place. On Tuesdays there’s wing night (always better if shared), on Thursdays we show movies, and on the right weekend, some of us dance until wee hours, enjoying our late nights of the week.

I can’t speak for the rest of the crew, but farming for me is about the people I work with as much as it is about growing produce. Days aren’t filled with laughs, but they keep me going. I think our produce shows the satisfaction we feel at the end of our days, as well as the work we put into them. I love my job because I believe in good food, but also because summer season means many hours of hard work, and spending those hours with the right people makes or breaks the harvest.

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