Farm Notes

by Danny

This last week on the farm has been a busy one. We have been doing a lot of cultivating. Recently we bought a one row and a two row cultivator for our electric cultivating tractor, an ACG (Allis Chalmers G series tractor). The winter squash has and our backs have been the happiest with the purchase of these oldy ,but goody implements. A few passes per bed and all that is left to weed are the weeds in the row. And in these times of high gas prices it sure is nice plugging the tractor in at the end of the day.

The potatoes and corn both received good attention from us with the water and the weeding. They both are looking healthy with very little insect and weed pressure. It’s never too early to start daydreaming about future barbeques.

For the first time in a good while we had to irrigate. We watered in a new planting of carrots, a bed of herbs that included basil and parsley, kale, salad mix and some of the older established plants. The moving of pipe is a dance, from the physical moving of the pipe to the planning of the next placement and one after that. The physical moving of pipe usually involves one or two people. It’s always a balancing act, from leaping across the beds with pipe in hand to twisting and turning and setting down of pipe when a couple of us try to synchronize and move them together. Usually every thing goes smoothly, but every so often, like today, you have spend some time running around trying to stop a geyser or unplugging a clogged sprinkler. It’s a nice way to cool down and laugh a bit. Hope all of you are doing the same.

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