Farm Notes from Williamsburg members Sarah and Steve

Farm Notes by Steven and Sarah, members of the Williamsburg, Brooklyn CSA. They have been members for three seasons. Their daughter, Willamina, has been a member for all of her almost two years.

Our farm share

The first spring after we moved into what is called EWIP—The East
Williamsburg Industrial Park—we made a determined effort to take our
little backyard & grow veggies in it. The soil may have been
contaminated, and the streets certainly plagued by renegade trash
haulers, but nonetheless we seeded and watered our backyard.

Nearly every plant came up. And nearly every plant eventually
succumbed to an invasion of plant-loving feral cats. We ended up with
a handful of strange cucumbers, loads of mealy tomatoes, and luckily
a farm share that has lasted now for 3 seasons of beautiful,
consistently wonderful produce.

We find great pleasure in this coop arrangement. It simplifies our
lives that are otherwise consumed by work & our baby. The share is
also a way to express our affection for this world by affirming a
sustainable way of farming. We appreciate being a part of the
process, and love seeing our toddler, nourished in the womb on the
farmshare veggies, now learning to eat them by the spoonful.

We have made it to the farm twice as a family. The first time
Willamina was only a month old. It was our first road trip, and we
decided to pick up our share in Tivoli en route to Vermont. A brief
tour and a look at the chickens turned our 4-hour trip into a 10-hour
adventure, that in the end still felt worthwhile.

This past weekend we finally made it upstate again for the garlic
harvest. The task loomed large in the early afternoon as we forked
the earth, pulled the garlic stems, and revealed the garlic root.
Each time we lifted a plant we were amazed by its size & perfection.
And while the rows seemed endless the community pulled through and
finished the task.

Seeing the farm operate in person, and just meeting people at the
garden, has made us realize that we are part of something that has
grown tremendously. When we wrote our first check to the coop we
didn’t know that were planting a seed of sorts that would continue to
grow and flourish for one, two, and now three seasons. We had a great
time harvesting garlic & running through your fields, sharing an
apple from your trees and the wonders of dirt and wild flowers with
our daughter. Thank you, Hearty Roots, for being there for us.

–Sarah Lippin & Steven Garrelts

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