Newsletter Week 2

Farmer Miriam Latzer fills you in on what is going on at the farm…

The big excitement this year is farming on two different parcels of land! The increase in acreage has allowed us to really plan a careful crop rotation and make the most of our cover cropping. But, it takes a lot of preparation to get a field that has been in sod for 5 years into shape for planting vegetables. So, we direct seeded and transplanted our earliest crops into our “home base” on West Kerley Corners.

Meanwhile, on our new acreage we were busy plowing under the sod. In fact, we were hopping on the tractor with morning temperatures so low the engine wouldn’t start without a quick shot of ether.

At this point in the season we have several acres of plants in the ground at the new location and things are going well. We are moving plants out of the greenhouse in rapid succession. Eggplants and Peppers are next up this week… and they can’t wait to be released from their cells. Both of these solanaceous plants have made the journey from a “speed tray” (long plastic troughs that hold a little dirt and lots of seeds) – to “32”s, which are trays with much larger cells that hold a lot of dirt. All of our seedlings stay outside and get used to the elements before they go in the ground and then… the weeding begins!

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