Happy New Year from Hearty Roots

The summer seems long gone and the Winter Share is over. The growing season can be such as blur that it almost seems like a dream– I would almost believe that, if I weren’t still eating parsnips, turnips, butternut squash and potatoes stored in the cellar (some of you who joined the winter share might have a few things left in the fridge too).

Although there’s always something to do for the farm (right now it’s bookkeeping and taxes), I’m enjoying some down time in January: I can read up on botany and figure out the answers to questions that came up in the fields; sleep past dawn; and even take a few weeks of vacation (thanks to a generous chicken-sitter).

At the same time, I am excited for the upcoming spring. I’m thrilled that Miriam Latzer will be joining the farm in February, and we have been talking eagerly about new ideas for the upcoming season. We will be adding some CSA shares in both Tivoli and Brooklyn; expanding pick-up hours for our Tivoli CSA members; growing more of the salad greens that kept selling out all summer at Montgomery Place Farm Stand; and planting into new fields.

So when you pass by the farm and see a quiet blanket of snow, envision the explosion of green that will crop up in a few months– that’s what I’m doing, even if I am on “vacation.”


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