Thanks and goodbye from Briana

Fall is often the time of year for transitions, and this fall has proven to be no exception for me. Most of you have already heard that I will not be at Hearty Roots next season, and that Benjamin will be taking on a new farming partner this winter. Miriam will be joining the Hearty Roots team for the upcoming season, bringing 8 years of farming and social justice work experience with her. I am confident that Benjamin and Miriam will continue to bring the produce, farm experience, and values that Hearty Roots was started with to you next year, and though I am sad to leave, I feel glad and excited that these two great people will be keeping it going.

I am thankful to all of you who helped and supported me in so many ways for the past two years while Hearty Roots grew from a crazy idea into a successful CSA farm. All of you helped me realize a dream, and I cannot thank you enough for that.

Many of you are probably wondering what I’m off to next. . . I’ve decided to take a step back from farming and grow food on a gardening scale again. Hearty Roots needs to keep growing in order to support two full time farmers, and I’ve realized that my love and passion for growing food is best cultivated in a space smaller than two acres, or even one. So I will be building a raised bed garden at The Phantom Gardener next year, as a display and educational area, as well as building my own dream garden in Greene County.

I have enjoyed growing food for all of you during the past two years, and I hope that I’ll still be seeing you around the area. Even though my physical home will soon be out in the Catskills, I will always feel that this community is my home in some sense, and I’m planning to spend a lot of time here, so I hope I’ll see you around!

Take care,

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